Money is important

So what would you do if you know that you can take 10 million dollars without feeling guilt? But you have to try for it at least. Like sending some letters, engage in long conversations, preparing lawsuits, and so on.

Money can make anyone do just about anything… :smiley:

I chose the last one because it looked the most, but I’ll probably compromise on some moral principles if I can get one tenth of a billion dollars in US currency, but not for one million or ten million. It’s because the compromise itself is based on my principles. With one hundred million USD, I can start some things that I have thought of for about 25 years, with some luck. One thing is to provide a sufficiently futuristic world for children and babies to be born with IQ over 150 in the darkest parts of the old world. I know exactly where to start and what to do first. But even 0.1 billion is too small to help to achieve a big leap in some things like curing cancer and immobility, let alone providing homes and education for all of them in the third world. The only person I talk to privately about non-public things other than my wife (and my daughter) is working on such things but on a far smaller scale, somewhere in central Asia which happens to be too close from Afghanistan and Iraq that the very working place was close from the detonation a few days ago in both physical and politican sense.

Money can make anyone do just about anything…

Surely not everyone. Money is symbolic. Money is convertible. But it’s not omnipotent and often not as flexible as it should be in a perfect capitalist-industrialist society. Some values are not easily purchased with the application of money. Some people have difficulties using it even when they own it. Humans are victims of a given system. One cannot escape the boundary of the moral restrictions one has.

100 million. 50 for the lawsuits , 50 for me :slight_smile:

Depends on who the money is coming from and where it was previously destined to go :slight_smile:

1 million will be enough for me

Does that mean one million is enough to do something that compromises your moral standards just for once or enough to last a life?

wot kinda compromise, i mite steal a sweet from a shop for $100m but i wudnt kill somebody howeva much i got :slight_smile:

no, sorri not $100m as in one-hundred-million but $100 mmmmmmmmkay…