Momitsu V-880 DVD player with DVI HDTV capablility



I just posted the article Momitsu V-880 DVD player with DVI HDTV capablility.

So, what’s so great about DVI-I terminal (Digital Video Interface)? The short answer is a better picture from a digital device. This unit is capable of transmitting a 720p or 1080i…

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It’s about time budget DVD players started getting DVI outputs.


Could somebody, with first-hand experience please tell me if a DVI output on a HDTV is subsantially better than component output on the same TV?


What they mean is that the signal going to the TV is digital instead of analogue. With a regular scart connection, there is some loss between converting the signal to analogue for the cable and back to digital in the TV for display as pixels (assuming a HDTV projector). It’s much like an audio system where a Digital connection to the 5.1 amplifier is better than analogue connections to the same amp. :d