Momentary pause during playback

I’m getting occasional pauses when playing back burned DVD’s on set-top players and I am looking for help as to the cause. The pause is only momentary - no more than a second. The discs are perfectly clean - no fingerprints, scratches, etc.

USUALLY, I cannot duplicate the pause at a specific place (ie, if I “rewind” to before the pause, then resume play, it likely will not happen again). I have never experienced the problem more than 2-3 times over the course of an entire movie. Sometimes not at all, sometimes a few times for the exact same movie.

I have a Dell 8200 2.4 Ghz P4, 512 Mb RAM, Benq 1620 G7P9 f/w, Win XP Sp1 for my burning machine. I have exclusively used TY02’s - mostly Fujifilm brand, but also went through a pack from Rima with the same results. I always burn at 8X, never have any other apps running (incl virus, firewall, etc) when running DVD Decryptor, DVD Shrink nor Sonic (came with the 1620). I get consistently beautiful scans using Nero’s CD/DVD Speed.

I loan out a lot of my DVD’s which is one of the reasons I wanted backups. I’ve had input from at least 5 others who have borrowed my discs, all also getting occasional pauses on a variety of set-top players, although I cannot quote exactly which mfg/model everyone has. My personal player is a Sony and fairly new.

So, is this just a normal symptom of burned backups, or are most folks getting flawless playback from quality media? I deliberately purchased the TY02’s because I was led to believe that quality media was the key to perfect playback, but that is not happening for me.

One final note - I do have the 1620 setting book type to DVD-ROM. I am beginning to wonder if this could be a problem - is it possible that the player would handle the discs in a different manner if I just left it as DVD+R, or is this just something that should make no difference whatsoever in playback?

This can be caused by a variety of things, often it is very hard to pin down. I wouldn’t fault the media here as you are using high end stuff.

Some stand alone players are far picker than others when reading even high quality DVDR media, so this could attribute for some of it. There have been specific issues between certain burner types and player types (i.e. some discs burned on NEC 3500 have pause problems on Sony DVD players) and it’s possible that something like this is being encountered.

But unless you get very specific with the types of players, burners, firmware, disc media codes, etc. being used, it is unlikely that you will find a specific cause or solution to this problem.

This sounds very familiar! I got so sick of my NEC3500 :Z . It just could not burn a pause-free movie on Plextor-branded YUDEN000T02 for my Sony DVP-NS333. So i sold the NEC and bought the 1620. If you can point me to some more info on the NEC-Sony troubles…:bow:

I’ve had similar experiences with Ritek R03 DVD+R. They scan great, but a couple players seem to skip or freeze after about 60% of the disc. The trouble does not appear to happen with Prodisc R03 DVD+R. I don’t think we will ever see 100% compatibility with any media on every standalone. For now I just have to keep a list of which media a client’s player likes.

I got some pauses with Ricoh jpnro1 then lately with the latest firmware “t” I have been lately getting pause free or a occasional movie getting 1-2, but fewer. It would help if you scanned your movies with CD-Speed and see what the quality of burns your getting. I thought the TY02 I burned had even fewer pauses. Someone said they get fewer PIFs with 12x on TY02. You need to use CD-Speed and quality scan and experiment with speed and firmwares and you might find the right mix.

As I mentioned in my original message, I get great scans from CD-Speed… What is frustrating is that the exact same disc may, or may not, have a momentary pause. And if it does, there is no predictability as to where it is going to happen.

My process has virtually no variables in it. I only have one burner, don’t jump all over the place with firmware, do not overspeed the media (even though I could), and use the same software to burn each time, and always shut down all other applications - I even disable my network card and shut off my cable modem when I make back-ups!

Has anyone noticed improvement in these momentary pauses by changing things like burn speed (faster or slower), media type (DVD-R vs. DVD+R), NOT bitsetting to DVD-ROM, etc?

I have never had a single skip, pause or burp playing a pressed DVD, but the odds are high that I will encounter at least one during playback of a back-up of these same pressed DVD’s.

BTW, my player is a Sony DVP-NS425P, and claimed to be compat. with all disc types when I purchased it.

Although you say it happens on other players, but to what degree I’m not sure, but this one guy who comment with your Sony player, described the very same thing in the very same way you did, only with rented or own DVDs. 11th on down by Abrasha.

Thanks for the link Hef - I completely forgot that videohelp had info on set top players. Seems the comments regarding this player are inconsistent - some report flawless playback, some say they are having problems. I guess that matches my own experience - sometimes it is a fluid playback, other times not.

Gets me that they claim these players to be compatable with DVDR, and that is not really 100% true.

I made some quick calls last night - 3 of my neighbors have Sony players, though not the same model as mine, and 1 has an APEX they claimed to have picked up cheap. All have had occasional problems, never more than 1-2 times per movie, and many times not at all.

Still have not found any recommendations anywhere for how to reduce/eliminate the problem, and it does not seem like any player/media combo is flawless, unless someone comes along here and says so.

Buy a Yamaha DVD Player. For it not to play a -R or +R flawlessly the disc has to be virtually unreadable and it can be made region free via the remote. It will also convert Pal to NTSC on the fly. Another player I had that never once coughed on any type of disc was the Pioneer 656a. The latest Yamaha I saw selling in Canada was the DVD-S550.

The T9 firmware features extremely inconsistent scanning and much better playback on set-top players. It was a lifesaver for my cranky set-top player. As most issues with set-top players, it is partially media-dependent.

Check for (in Windows Device Manager) the presence of Patton Couffin Driver, and uninstall it along with the software it came with. This, from VSO software, BlindWrite, DVDXcopy and more can really skip your video files.
Far from impossible, indeed it is very popular for software to create discs that skip. RecordNow and DVDDecryptor (ISO write mode) do not cause discs to skip.
3rd party IDE drivers or other IDE issues, such as lack of a proper 80 wire cable, can also cause skipping discs.

You always use the same media? NG. Cranky set top players play favorites with media. Some media performs much better at 12x while other media performs better at the rated speed. Burning below the rating is no good unless you’re trying to salvage defective media blanks. Maybe somewhere there is a list of known media that does not give your set top player the heebee-jeebies. Prodisc +R? MCC?

Presence or lack of the bit setting? While this has no effect on most set-top players, it can be beneficial/detrimental to other set top players. Simply put, some have trouble reading an obviously purple disc as if it were a silver disc. For those rare (usually ancient) players, DVD-R discs can be helpful or worse.

@ DanielWritesBack - I do not have the Patton Couffin driver. The only burning apps I have used are RecordNow and DVDD. I’m really not in a position to use different media just yet - have a ton of FujiFilm TY02 to go through first. Besides - the exact same disc might make it through flawlessly, or might pause 1-3 times. That is what makes this so frustrating.

As far as this player’s preference for media, Hef posted a link to on this player.

Does anyone know if a set-top player employs a different reading strategy based on the type of disc it detects (ie, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-ROM)?? My player is presumably compatable with everything, but IF the player does something different based on disc type, I cannot help but wonder if I am making a mistake by bitsetting to DVD-ROM rather than letting the player see the disc as DVD+R. Any opinion/proof on this theory, or am I grasping at straws? It is so difficult to try different things and come to an absolute conclusion because the problem is so unpredictable and random.

I guess the bottom line here is this: Is everyone living with some degree of these momentary pauses, or have some found a combination of all the variables that results in perfect playback?

We have three GE1101PA players and they are very picky. The cure was to simply tighten up the specs on what’s an acceptable disc.

I just ordered a Ben-Q burner so I can’t comment on it, but I’ve been using a LiteOn 451 with 832 firmware and using the KProbe disc quality checking program. The recommended specs for a good disc with KProbe are PI of 280 or less and PO of 32 or less. Those specs simply wont play on our machines - I’ve adopted PI of 150 or less and PO of 10 or less. If the disc meets those specs it WILL play flawlessly in our players (and anyone who’s borrowed them).

Using good quality media those tightened specs aren’t that constraining, but occasionally I do have to reject a burn.

Scan your discs, keep the scans, see what the people veiwing them say about quality. If it’s a burn quality issue then the correlation between better scans / fewer problems should become evident. If they don’t then it’s probably more of a media not being compatible with the player issue.

My father-inlaw had an ancient DVD player and it was very picky . . . would only play +R bit set to DVD-Rom and only perfect burns . . . the cure there was a $28 after Thanksgiving Day sale DVD player and pitching the old picky one! Maybe it’s time to say good bye to the Sony?


Pitching the Sony is not really an option - it is barely a year old. I “chatted” with Sony tech support - they were not very helpful, other than suggesting that I unplug the player for 15 minutes to force a factory reset. I also asked if the player would read the DVD+R discs differently if they were bitset to DVD-ROM, and they replied “yes”, but could not go any further suggesting if this was to my benefit, or detriment. So, I think the next several burns I will try +R without bitsetting and see if there is any improvment.

Regarding scan quality - here is a scan of a movie my kids watched last night - Beauty & The Beast. The scan looks pretty darn good, but this movie had momentary pauses approximately 2-3 times.

Buy a Philips DVP642 home DVD player. I have three of these units and have never had a single pause playing back any DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, or DVD+RW media I have burned in my BenQ DW1620 (or my Lite-On 812S before that - no DVD+R DL of course burned on my Lite-On 812S).

Here’s some info on it:<catalog_us_consumer%2Fcategories<home_audio_video_gr_us_consumer%2Fcategories<dvd_players_recorders_ca_us_consumer%26&productId=DVP642_17_US_CONSUMER&activeCategory=HOME_AUDIO_VIDEO_GR_US_CONSUMER&fredhopperpage=detail.jsp&language=en&country=US&catalogType=CONSUMER&proxybuster=QPHDROSGH0AVDJ0RMRCSHP3HKFSESI5P

I can’t say that you won’t have pauses with it. I can only say that all three of my units have played back all of my DVD backups with no problems. I have a friend and a cousin who also have Philips DVD642 players and they also report no problems with playback. Keep your Sony if you want for playing pressed DVDs, but pickup one of these units for playing your DVD backups.

I’d love another DVD player, but I would rather find a way - if possible - to get better playback from the Sony, especially since so many of my friends have various Sony players.

Also - I did a quick search on the Phillips player you mentioned, and folks have had problems with that player too.

I may have been naive thinking DVD backups would be as mindless as CD backups - never once had a problem with any CD backup, regardless of media, burn speed, or CD player - they always work flawlessly.

DVDRs are turning out to be a royal PITA!

At the moment, I’m going to burn a number of TY02 discs at 4x (instead of 8x) and leave bitsetting to +R (instead of DVD-ROM)… see if that makes any difference.

There will always be folks that have problems with any piece of equipment that is manufactured. There are no 100% perfect manufacturing factories out there that I know of. All I can say is that I have tested many home DVD players out there and the Philips DVP642 has given me zero playback problems. Like I said before, I have three of these units and a friend of mine and one of my cousins also have the Philips DVP642 player. We all have BenQ DW1620 burners and use many different DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD+R DL media with no playback issues in our Philips DVP642 players.

Anyone can purchase a defective unit. I encourage you to burn a DVD on your favorite media and test it out on as many different players as you can. Try it out on a Philips DVP642 if possible and then you’ll have your mind satisfied one way or the other. Maybe the Philips DVP642 will not work correctly for you, but I say the chances are good that it will. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the input on the Phillips. Here’s the problem: The occasional pause is unpredictable - a given disc might work flawlessly one time, then pause a few times the next time it is played… and the pauses are never in the same place… might be a few minutes into the movie, halfway through, near the end, etc… would be difficult to prove conclusively that no problems are likely from a short demo in a store. Certainly, if I were to purchase another player, I would do so from a source with a liberal return policy so I could test drive it at home for a few weeks, but still return it if I encountered problems.

BTW, what media are you getting flawless playback from?

Right now, I need to find some combination of media & backup process that works with my Sony - doing so not only solves my personal problem, but helps friends and family members who borrow my discs and play them back with similar problems. Probably start a new thread for that since this one is likely off a lot of forum member’s radar.