Ello could anyone help me to copy medal of honour, i know its old hat now but i’ve been trying for ages an keep failing. I have alcohol 120% nero 6 and a sony DRU 700A burner thanx for any help TERRY

what part of the process fails ?
also, dvd burners are not very good at backing up copy-protected games.

Thanx 4 the reply m8 it seems to copiy the game so i can run the copied disk to play.
If you get my drift game installed from original.
but if my m8 tries to load the game from the copied disk it comes up with something like bad errors install original cd.

First of all: Why should your mate play with a copy of your original? If he doesn’t own the original, it is illegal !

Secondly, Mohaa is SD2 (dependig on what title exactly it is 2.51.xx up to 2.90.040, I think), so you need a 2 sheep burner to do a working backup, which runs on almost every drive…

More than likely the copy you made needs emulation, so when you illegally install and try to play on your mates machine without Alcohols emulation it wont work. Either that or his drive can read the ATIP. MOHAA is S/ no higher, its MOH Breakthrough expansion thats S/

Firstly, ditch Nero for protected games of this age. Yes, MOHAA is 2.6, Aray reports. So I would suggest CloneCD for this game.

Read at 4x, write at 4x. Use CD-RW if possible. Remember to run the CloneCD tray with ‘Hide CD-R Media’ running.

Good luck.