Mohaa unbackable by BW5

Tried everything with this game as far as copying it and nothing works. Most games that had a higher copy protection like safedisk 2.8 & up are copyable but safedisk 2.5 is just not doing it. The problem occurs when I insert cd in and press play… nothing. Just an error microsoft windows want me to send them, blah! I noticed though that the original cd spins faster than the copied one. Oh, well gave up on this already, too many disks wasted!:Z

Why not help yourself by helping us scroll to the bottom of the page and answer the questions in this thread, give us something to start with, this is an easy game to back-up.

Specs: recorder: sony dru510a; recording media: tdk data cdr 48x compatible; mob: asus p4c800 deluxe; video card: ati “all-in-wonder” 9700pro;

Problem: Copying both originals of mohaa with BW5 is normal (even tried slow writing option) like what I said no problem. I installed game with back-ups and no problem either. But the main event is when I try playing the game with back-ups is where the problem is apparent. The game loads to the title and hangs there until it goes away and shows me error to send to microsoft. I put in originals and game loads & executes dos & plays. Most noticeable part is the originals seems to spin faster than the copied disks, why? Other expansion of this game such as mohaa: spearhead & breakthrough is flawless on back-ups. This game got me beat, even tried different recording medias.