Mohaa spearhead

please help…i am using a backup of mohaa,i just bought spearhead and installed it,plus it installed some patches into mohaa.Now mohaa wont work at all,when i go to play it …it asks for the disc when i already have it in…has anyone come across this prob before or knows how to fix it.
any help would be appreciated.

Does your original MOHAA cd run OK since you installed the Spearhead expansion?

What OS :rolleyes:

yes it does

The installation of Spearhead or the update patches has probably updated the protection to sd 2.8+. Depending upon how the original back-up copy was made, it may or may not work after the update.

Just make fresh copy using either the latest version of alcohol or the discdump/fireburner combo and you shouldn’t have any problems (assuming you have a 2 sheep writer).

thanx philamber will give it ago and see …and will let ya know how i went