MOHAA: SpearHead

Emulated and copied safedisc v2.80.010
Lite_on 163D DVD reader
Lite 48125W writer
Image took 32 minutes to make
took only 3.30 minutes to write
used all alcohol defaults

Nice to know.
Could you try making a copy using your writer as reader?

I suspect it would only take a few minutes to make the image and it should still work (alcohol’s safedisc dumping with Lite-on dvds is as slow as treacle owing to a known bug that will be fixed when the programmer has the time given all the other things he’s working on).

Sure Hold on a few.

OK done
Lite-On 48125W reader/writer
5.27 minutes to make the image
2.52 minutes to write the image
and it works.

what alcohol program are you using?

The burner, or the emulator, or both?

As my first post says I copied it successfully and I have emulated it on my computer using alcohol 120

thanks, you da man
good posting

Originally posted by kamikazee
As my first post says I copied it successfully and I have emulated it on my computer using alcohol 120
If you copied it successfully, why are you emulating?!

I run a game server for the kids and I have 4 computers in the house. I emulate on the server, I like to click and start.

I’ve got four ‘worker’ PCs and one for ‘storage’ where the images are run from at times. I gotta get into this server thing.

I made a working copy of this using:

The setup in my signature on PC # 1, latest OFFICIAL CloneCD.

The only 2 PCs I have to test it on have the same DVD drive in them. (Toshiba SD-M1502)

Is there anyone else out there that has been able to make a working backup without any problem? (Someone with a drive other than the ones I list) Thanks!

Alcohol 1.3.5 build 1125
Reader Toshiba SD-M1612 (FW 1004)
Writer LiteOn LTR-48125W (VS08)

Alcohol is slow as hell reading Safedisc with Toshi’s, reading the image to disc took about 22 min’s. Burned at 8x. Works like a charm in the Toshiba with no emulation or anything. Just plain installing and running. The game checks the CD around 15-20 sec’s everytime, but I can live with that. Thumbs up to Alcohol for safedisc 2.8+, though the Safedisc readtimes really needs improvement. But on the other hand I prefer accuracy over speed any time.

@ Dazzler

Try using your writer as your reader when using alcohol to read safedisc cds. It’s often dog slow when reading safedisc cds from a dvd but usually quite ok with a writer.

For example, typically, it would take about 35 min to read a sd 2 cd with my Ltd-163 but only about 7 min with my Ltr-24102b.

Your LiteOn LTR-48125W would probably do it in about 5 to 6 min.

Thanks philamber.

I’ll try it out. After reading about LiteOn writers problems regarding reading newest Securom protections, I don’t really use it as a reader anymore. But for now it might be better for reading Safedisc CD’s with Alcohol.

I succesfully copied MOHAA Spearhead with my old Plex 1610 using Alcohol’s SD2 default settings. I used Alcohol 1.3.3 build 1030. With CloneCD, SD 2.8 didn’t worked, but I didn’t used the latest CloneCd version. Conflict desert storm (SD 2.7) did work using the default settings in Clone CD !

plextor drives usually dont have a problem with safedisc 2.7 and below, not trying to put you down i saw you were new on the forum and just wanted to fill you in.

Off-topic: @kamikazee
Hmm… I like the putting the image on the server, I hadn’t thought of that!