MOHAA Iso troubles

I’m a completely newbie on this matter, i have the both iso files for mohaa and i wanna burn them. I’m using Nero as burner and i finalize the cd’s but seems that there isn’t nothin saved… just appears the label at the explorer indicating CD, i followed the intructions to burn iso’s by Nero and seems strange to me because i get nothing… can someone help me on it? remember i’m a newbie… :slight_smile: thx

where did the iso’s come from ?
have you read the help file associated with NERO ?

i thought nero created nrg’s. i suggest you use your ORIGINAL media, and make clonecd copies. just my 2 cents.

If you want a real 1:1 copy you have to use CloneCD.
When you already created the images with some other prog, you can try them out with Daemon Tools. If you burn tested them and they are ok, then you can burn them with Nero if you want that. (in Nero: file -> burn image… and select the cue file)

Check the max writing speed of the cdr and use that.

Check if your ISO’s are correctly first (with winiso or something).

Have you tried too burn the cd with blind write.
I think maybe it would help, it have helped me.