MOHAA install/uninstall


I got medal of honer deluxe for Christmas:D . But i had the pirated version before that. Im having problems uninstalling it or at least removing it from the registry. I tried a few weeks ago to uninstall it but all the files were still there. So i slaugtered each and ever one of them and sent the to the recycle bin:bow:. Noow that ive got it again I want to install it. Problem is I think the comp thinks MAHAA is installed BUT ITS NOT. theres in reinstall button or anything. When i try to uninstall it all the operations go lightning fast and no files are deleted. I think i have to do something to the registry

I really need help plz :eek: :eek:


it is not allowed to talk about pirated software on this forum…it can harm this forum badly. Glad you buyed a " legal " version.

Just delete the directory of mohaa
and try to find a freeware regestry cleaner to clean the rest.
Then try to re-install mohaa from your new disks