Mohaa help! Please!

ive installed medal of honour and i click on the desktop shortcut to start the game up. Once it begins to start up a window comes up saying that it could not detect certain hardware. It is obviously my graphics card becauase it says ‘COULD NOT LOAD OpenGL SUBSYSTEM.’!!! My graphics card is a 3dfx Voodoo 3 2000 AGP.

Has anyone else had this problem. Any help would be very grateful!!!


Mohaa does not work on Voodoo based cards.

Typical … because in this post you state you have the original… doesn’t it say in your manual ?

And you have full support by Electronic Arts via your registration.

i had this same problem after i downloaded the latest drivers and direct x 8 everything was fine

i say invest in a geForce 2 ultra,ti,or gts model video card …one can find them reallll cheap now these days…will solve all of your video problems…just a thought

Might be the vid card on that Mohaa problem, running a geforce 2 mx 400 and no probs with it

Btw Mohaa is a bitch to play through…I mean as in terms of difficulty