MOHAA doesn't work with Lite-On 32123S!

I have tried everything. :frowning:


have you tried clonecd 4

read at x4 aws on.


ps also just read a review on cdfreaks about cdrwin 5 …
Epecially on protected cds

Do NOT use AWS. AWS are for drives who cant do EFM, your Liteon can and as such it doesn’t need any aws.
Also remember that a copy of MOHAA will not work in your burner unless you have Hide CD-R media enabled.

I’ve also tried to burn MOHAA with the new firmware but it still doesn’t work. I do the image with the lite-on and I burn on a CDRW. I’ve tried different read speeds.

I can’t see the “Hide CD-R Media” option in Clone-cd… What is it??

Thank you

Can you see the clonecd symbol in the bottom right- taskbar.

right click - see hide cdr media :wink:

check it - try it


Thank you all.
I’ve upgraded my firmware and I’ve downloaded Clone cd 4 beta 30. I really enjoy this clone cd version.
MOHAA works perfectly.

Thank you