MOHAA Burning

I managed to get the MOHAA ISO off of kazaa when I messed up one of the CDs and was looking to replace it. I can’t get a good burn of it that will work. I have read the other post here about how to copy one if you have the disk, but mine is ruined and wont read…is there anyway to get the ISO to work? It burns ok, exept for the “Please insert the correct CD” error.

When I try to burn it in Nero I get an error that says “The entered block size does not correspond to the image length. The block size may be wrong. Do you want to correct the value, or ignore the problem?”

Your best bet it to contact EA (electonic ARTS) (im sure they are the publishers?) and ask what can be done about your broken CD.

Usualy you will have to send them the dead CD and they will send you a replacement for a couple of bucks,

Your downloading off Kazaa seems to be a grey area as you legaly own a copy of the game…so i doubt you will have any trouble with people deleted or critisizing your post.

Good luck