MOHAA Burned With CloneCD



Here is a Strange One.Can anyone Figure it out. Burned MOHAA with Liteone LTR-24102B but will only run in a Yamaha3200 ?


A circumstance that is seen very occasionally. The prime reason is crappy media. Yammies are known to burn SD2 backups that work in the burner only. That is, there ability to defeat SD2 is very close to recognised SD2 killers. I suspect that if you changed your media that you’d get a working copy in the Liteon and elsewhere.


FutureProof thanx. I am in australia, can you tell me which media is of Good Quality…for back ups of Games… I live in the Land Down Under…Like your Self…


Dick Smith Verbatim Light Blue (super AZO)
JB HiFi “Best Buy” 16x (can burn at 24x-32x)
TDK Gold “Multi Speed Compatible” (burn at 32x)
Most retailers - DigiMedia - any colour but black
Harvey Norman Imation Silver - good for Litey’s but not Plexies


You Have been Very helpful:bow:FutureProof:bow:


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future -do you recommend same media for plex1210a? Thanx



Most retailers - DigiMedia - any colour but black

why any colour but black these are what i use and have never had any probs. I use the lite on 24102b and have not made a coaster yet with them.Even in my shitty tdk 16/10/40x they work well


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…why any colour but black…[/B]
I got a bad brick last year - 6/10 failed and so swore off them. I wanted to use them for my PSX backups. I can’t help but wonder if the black substance interferes with the aluminium spattering.

@ritdan - dunno about all those except that Stretch of CloneClinic fame, said his plexies hated Imation Silver.


I use Magmedia cdr-80’s , havent failed yet
although I do use a lite-on ltr 16102b unit.

the unit cost $135.00 , and the media is available
from most news agencys and harvey norman stores .

All my copies think they are originals , and no problems with
different drives being used .



:confused: what about Khypermedia?