MOHAA Breakthrough+Liteon 48246S/Tosh SDR5112

Hi Folks,

I made a copy of MOHAA-Breakthrough with SD 2.9-protection, but the copy doesn´t run from Toshiba drives.

The copy only starts from the Toshiba 1502 when the backup is made on CDRW and NOT CDR. Its also impossible to read the copy from Toshiba DVD-writers.

What have I to made? Any ideas?

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First, your other toshi can read ATIP, so “hide CDr media” or something equivalent in Alcohol for example must be checked.
Secondly, certain toshibas are very picky with safedisc copies, and especially with those which are 2.90. Your writer is possible that will not read that copy even with ATIP hidden.
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Thanks, Morglum007, for welcome in the club :smiley:

You`re absolutly right: If I activate the Hide-Media-Function, the copy even starts from my Toshiba DVD SD-R5112.

But it`s not possible to read an mountalbe image of the copy from the Toshiba DVD-SD5112.

So the “Hide Atip”-Function seems for me to have more functions?


That “hide atip” function, in many cases, have other ways to “emulate” other things ( pre-gap for example). If that image does not work, then something is missed, and emulation could not properly work. Your image could be good enough to be run from hd, but not for burning into a cdr. Thats depends on many things.
I’m not a pro so, could not help you much more, sorry.

Good luck!

That “hide atip” function, in many cases, have other ways to “emulate” other things ( pre-gap for example).

Yes, I think your`re right again and pre-gap is the reason :wink:

I`ve seen here in the forum a posting dealing with the pre-gap problem:

Unfortunately the images of Discjuggler-Settings for pre-gab postet by Moderator Shoey and Senior Admin Future Proof don`t work at the moment:

But is Discjuggler the only program reading the pre-gap?
And which hardware is needed?
Is my Liteon 52246S able to read pre-gap or is the Toshiba DVD SDR5112 a better pre-gap reader?

Thanks in advance