MOHAA - Breakthrough backup won't work



I have copied a backup for MOHAA - Breakthrough using the latest version of CloneCD and it loads the game fine BUT it won’t play is this a problem with CloneCD?
I used the “Protected Game” Profile but get a message when I select Play from the game Menu “Intialisation Process Failed. Please Close this Application”
Can someone help or give me any clues to making a Playable Copy



have a look at this
not same game but same copy protection


The brand of drive that you use to copy with also matters. For example, I copied a game using alcohol 120 on my pioneer A07xla, and it installs and plays on my pioneer drive, but not on my other drives. Copied another game on using CloneCD and my Khypermedia CDRW drive. It installs and plays on all of my drives. If you want to make personal copies of copy protected games/movies, you will want a (2 sheep burner). If you search this forum for 2 sheep burner, you will find many recommended burners. Best way is to use a CDRW to copy CD’s.