MOHAA - Any ideas?

I am still getting the following error message when I attempt to Re-install MOHAA. This error is Incorrect register key.

I have used the uninstaller with the game, windows uninstaller, and Pro-uninstaller 2002.

I have deleted the following registry entries with no success:



I have also used the WinXP Compatability Wizard with no success.

I have used the EA Games E-Mail diagnostics to no effect.

The only advice that they have is to telephone the premium rate line at £0.75p/Minute.

Can any of you Gurus please help a desperate man.



do you use a back-up disk??
or the original disk??

It is the original disks

I only attempted to re-install due to online chat failing to work.



use a regcleaner…to clean all traces

I will try Regvac again

or use regscrub from here;

Thanx for that Damian.

It was successful last night with regvac -

I now have a problem with the openGL system not initialising.

Oh well at least I managed to Re-load the game even though I cannot play it again yet.



try to reinstall direct x…
perhaps that helps

My Friend had the same problem He tried editing the registry,uninstalling,reinstalling and in the end he formated

Sorry I cant be of more help:Z

Update your video card drivers. What video card do you have?