MOHA Pacific Assault game won't run - Help

I am a newbie here but recognize the wealth of knowledge in these threads, amazing. So here it is.
I purchased the MOHA Pacific Assault Director’s DVD some months ago, installed it and attempted to play the game. Well it tells me that I have copying cd/dvd software on my machine and to disable it. I have checked the EA Games website and they describe how to disable certain copying software. I have followed these instructions but the game still will not run.
I will not uninstall my copying software, the game isn’t worth a drastic measure like that.

Is there some program or file to run to temporarily disable the protection search. Can I make a backup of the DVD which won’t act like the original ?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated as my next step is to return the DVD


I have the same poblem but with a music cd so any suggestions anyone?


what is causing both of your problems is copy protection. The programs that may help both of you are: alcohol 120 (burning software), a-ray scanner (detects what copy protection) and anydvd (removes copy protection;cd and dvd protection according to their site). In order to play the copy of the game, it will probably involve a no-dvd patch, but some people consider them to be illegal, even for games that you own. The copy protection forum here is very helpful, but you may also want to try