MOH Pacific Assault won't load?

I cannot get Medal of Honor Pacific Assault to work. An error comes up just after I install the game and it says:
Windows Script Host
Can not find script file
“C:\DOCUME~1\Nathan\LOCALS~1\Temp\ {5676B932-9434-9D45-1D652DFBFBB6}{56CFA833-F44F-4199-8C58-7F8B38F2BC7B}\Firewall.vbs”.

Then when I try to run the game it comes up with the settings of the game (video, audio and system). I click Play and it comes up with a loading screen and then a error pops up saying
Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart application :confused: I tried to install it with my DVD drive and CD drive and also onto both my hard drives but its the same? :frowning:

If anyone could help it would be apprecitated :smiley:
Thanks NaTH98

You’re using your original? Already emptied the Temp folder?

Yea not using a backup and haven’t emptied the temp folder am I meant to?
Thanks NaTH98

Maybe it solves your problem.

So what can I do to fix this? I dont underdstand?
Thanks NaTH98

Empty your Temp folder. Delete the content inside.

Yea that did it although I still got the error message when I reinstalled so I thought that it wouldn’t work for a second, but it did.
Thanks for all the help NaTH98

Hi now that I got it working I would like to make a backup of it and I managed to make an image with alcohol using the SafeDisc 2\3 profile. But when I try to burn it to a CD I couldn’t select my CD drive, then I realised that this was because the file is 792.33 MB in size and this won’t fit on a CD but it came off of a CD? Is there a way to put this onto a CD or do I have to put it onto a DVD? Will this work?
Thanks NaTH98

Never mind I got it working thanks anyway

I’d love to know how he fixed this. I’m having the exact same problem (and cleaning out the temp folders hasn’t fixed the issue).

Try this…
Create a folder on your desktop and name it what you want.Pop in the game, goto my computer,right click on the CD Icon, then explore. Highlite the entire CD contents then drag and drop to the folder.After the contects of the CD are transfered to your folder start removing files that have nothing to do with the actual running of the game. Like trailers,Gamespy,DirectX,read me,internet links ect…
Although I dont have Pacific assault,I just popped in the Allied assault CD #1 to look and saw that the “redist” folder that contains Direct X & Gamespy was 30.9 MB. Maybe PA has folders not needed that will equal what you need to burn your CD.