Mods pls help



this is my first question because something squeezes my mind…

i have downloaded an iso… i only got curious because of the amazing files inside how come that all files there actually fit? and actually you can burn the iso on a cd-r only and all of the files are working and they have no problems with this… don’t ban me pls…

see for yourself… (Edited out)

close the topic if i violate any rules… and i wish mod will pm me his/her replies in this topic…


hmmm… interesting… it can fit a 4.0GB+ data onto 643MB iso file??? how in the world did they do that? anyone got ideas?


@z3r0tech: If you had read the rules properly, then you would have seen that linking to such illegal material is not allowed on CD Freaks :cop:.

This is your one and only warning - if you pursue this thread any further then you will be banned.