Moding my slim ps2?

Hi, Could some one please tell me or give me a link to some good info on how to set up my slim line ps2 to play back up games. I have seen sites about some kind of disk swaping is it really that simple? Or do I have to acualy solder a mod chip on. If so what chip works with the slim line PS2 any help would be great I have been searching all day for some straight answers. Look here if you want to look at a swap disk - it is more hassle than a mod chip though

Look here for more info

Dms4 or Matrix Infinity or Crystal are good modchips for the slim version!
Personally i’d prefer modchips, direct booting, support for safety backups of Dvd-9
games like GT4 etc.!

Is the magic KX plus a good one?

No chip with “Magic” in the title is good. Also avoid anything called “Neo”.

Good chips… anything with DMS, Messiah, Apple, Duo, or Matrix.