Modifying CUE file to create chapters in a BIN (KVCD movie)

Hi guys, newly registered, but been here before (thanks to Google point to’s) and I know this is the best place to ask this! :slight_smile:

Started messing about with these KVCD movies, and loving the far superior picture to normal VCD’s, and so far have not had a problem with any as far as burns and the like go, untill today.

Trying to burn a film in the usual way (Nero Express 6 > burn image, select cue, and away we go) but this film, Nero rejects the CUE citing an “internal error”

Also VLC Media player refused to load the CUE and play the film, but the BIN is fine as it played directly with VLC.

Anyway, after messing around with a new CUE file in Notepad (after stealing info out of other CUE’s) three attempted burns later and I have a fully working KVCD on a CD-RW disc - but with one problem - no chapters!

I looked in other CUE’s for films that I know have working chapters and there aren’t any clues in there to help me write them into the CUE for this film.

For those who know what I am on about, here is the CUE (that works) for this film;

FILE “Flight93.bin” BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00
TRACK 02 MODE2/2352
INDEX 00 00:04:00
INDEX 01 00:06:00

Now, after renaming the BIN file (it had a different name) and modifying the original CUE (for title and the last three lines of code were missing, and the previous two were different) it works.

But what do I need to put in that in order to get 5min chapters on this KVCD film?

IMO, this is really a waste of time.

First, the KVCD format >> obsolete. And bad quality, bad compatibility.
And, editing this CUE’s. Could it be simpler than that? I think: no. :wink:

Err, okay - thanks (I think)

Why is it obsolete? From what I have seen so far, it seems to be flourishing…

Seems pretty good to me really - means I can burn films in near DVD quality without having to use expensive DVD-RW’s and large file sizes - and it’s easy and quick. Quality is FAR better than normal VCD movies created from MPG’s/WMV’s, and so far I have had better compatibility with KVCD’s than I have with VCD’s (and in some cases DVD, where some players won’t play either/or -/+ discs)

So all round it’s nice n easy for me.

All I need to know is how to edit the cue to tell it to burn with chapters, so if anyone wishes to let me into the info then please do so :slight_smile:

“KVCD near DVD quality”???
Who told you that…

Err, no one - I have both DVD’s and KVCD’s and I can see that KVCD is far closer to DVD picture wise than normal VCD’s are…

Sure it ain’t gonna be the same a 9gb DVD image, but it’s a damn site closer to a 4.5gb compressed version than an MPEG VCD is gonna be - I have viewed all three mediums and I can see for myself…

Anyway, whilst I think you for posting, you really haven’t provided any answers to my questions, so please - if you don’t have answers and just want to belittle me, kindly don’t - all I want is to know the answer.

Thanks for a “warm” welcome to the forum by the way…

what did you use to create the bin/cue file? can’t you use that program to insert the chapters while you’re creating the image?

Hi :slight_smile:

I just wrote it in Notepad, but the problem is I don’t know what to write into it to specify chapters at 5 min intervals :frowning:

Look at my first post and you will see the code used for it, but when I look in other KVCD films I have that DO have chapters, their CUE files look the same as the one for this film - so I don’t know what I need to write to get these chapters… :frowning:

i understand that you just wrote the cue file, but what did you use to MAKE the bin file (the KVCD film?) wouldn’t that program have chapter options? (either to preserve the chapters from the original or to set your own intervals)

maybe i’m just not familiar with the way KVCD films work, but intuition tells me that you’re going abotu it the difficult way when it’s possible that this is something that could have been included in the initial rip…

Ah, that I can’t answer as I was sent the BIN file (I’m not clever enough to transcode video to a BIN file lol) and it came with a non working CUE, which I rewrote…

I haven’t got as far as ripping/transcoding video files to BIN/KVCD yet, but it’s something I intend to get my head round soon…

I looked at a cue file from a VCD that had chapters every 5 min:
TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00
TRACK 02 MODE2/2352
INDEX 00 00:04:00
INDEX 01 00:06:00

Best bet is to use VCDEasy (used to create the above VCD with 5 min chaps). If you can find an old version (pre 1.1.6 if I remember correctly), it was freeware… newer versions are shareware. It is the easiest method to add chapters to a mpg