Modifying Audio Levels On DVD-r

Some help if you don’t mind please. I guess this is a two part question. I have a DVD-r from a television program that was recorded with very low audio levels. I do not know how the program was originally recorded, although I suspect it was on a VHS vcr as the editing of the commercials is a bit sloppy. What I would therefore like to do is clean up the video editing a bit by trimming the commericals a bit more. By far the bigger problem, however, is to increase the volume level.

First question: Any suggestions as to the most effective/easiest way to clean up the commercials? I normally do this using a Panasonic standalone DVD recorder with a hard drive. I would do that again, but for problem #2.

Second question: Any suggestions on how to boost the audio levels? Thus far I’ve extracted the Video TS sets using Copy DVD. I tried Virtual Dub and Virtual Dub Mod on that file, but those programs either didn’t work or I couldn’t get them to work. VDMod did tell me that the audio is in AC3 format.

I then tried using the trial version of TMPGEnc 4.0 to rip the Video TS sets. I was able to raise the audio levels using TMPGEnc, but only 500% and I think I need to raise them at least twice that.

My next thought is to use Super to extract the audio files as either an AC3 or MPG and use a program like Audacity to raise the volume, but would then need to mux that file back together with the video. There’s got to be an easier way, right?

If not, I’m mighty tempted just to import the file into MS Moviemaker. I apologize for the dumby questions.

same question