Modifying A Kenwood 72x Drive!

i was thinking since it gets a maximum of 72x on a low rpm( could someone tell me the exact speed) motor in the kenwood 72x drive why not put a motor from a 52x 1 beam cd rom drive into the kenwood drive? then it would perform up to 300x!!!
can someone tell me if this is possible.

You must be joking…

First CD-Drive I bought :bigsmile: . It’s a collector’s item so don’t mess with it :disagree: .

Nope not joking :slight_smile:

It’s a very interesting project if you want to frag your CDs. :bigsmile:

This drive is an amazing piece of hardware ( not cost effective perhaps ) and the fast of all CD drives. So dont mess with it.

it wouldnt frag your cd’s because it would only be spinning as fast as a 52x cd rom but spitting out data at hard drive speeds :bigsmile:
i have read that some people get shattered cd’s by 52x cd rom drives and even the kenwood true-x drives but since i have never had that happen to me i am willing to take the chance. btw i have just bought 2 kenwood 72x drives off ebay and the 1 says it did not work when the guy tried who knows how long ago but im gonna experiment on that one.

any help would be appreciated. idk if i have to edit the firmware for the increased motor speed or will the motor even spin at the full speed when i replace it. if i even can.

Are you sure that will work?

Even if the motor does spin the disc faster, will the electronics be capable of such a high data throughput? I doubt it.

i dont really know if it will work. but since im getting 2 drives this week i think its worth a try. if it works, then holy F**king SH*t. i might need to water cool that baby then. :eek:

you will need to modify the firmware to drive the motor on high rpm. who knows will it work or not, but it worth the try.

ive been looking on how to modify cd rom firmware but cant find how to? can anyone tell be how to? that would be a big help.

Yeah, this will not work because there is no “firmware building Kit”. :rolleyes:
Honestly, it requires not only a hex editor and some time, but much time and a bunch of experience and tools.

And some changes will simply be impossible without access to firmware source code and build tools.

so what tools would i need besides the firmware building kit.

Probably experience in coding hardware related stuff, knowledge of the used circuits and probably some hardware to recalibrate the drive.

i think i can probably code hardware if i read for a couple weeks. so what kind of programming language would i have to learn in order to program the drive.(i would have to edit the firmware right?)what kind of hardware would i need to recalibrate the drive?
and would i have to find a circuit diagram of the drive?
thanks for all of your help.

you need to learn assembler, you need to learn to read assembler code like your native language. and learning would take more then a couple of weeks. it will take a lot of time (and money) modifying that drive and if you don’t know know assembler and electronics it would be better to start learning and in a year you can probably return on the project. But who uses CD’s this days, and every 1x DVD speed is equal to 9x CD speed, so 16x DVD drive when reading DVD’s reaches 144x CD speed . So there you go, you have 144x speed.

so whats the list of things i need to learn?
i really want to modify the drive cause i have alot of cd’s .
i’m willing to take part in learning assembler language and any other things to do this modification.
i want to learn how to program anyway.
and what do u mean by money?

well you need calibrating hardware.
first start learning assembler, and how the CD Drives work - everything: electronics, optics, how cds work. But i think its nugatory job. its not worth for a few MB/s. and kenwood 72x suck for audio ripping. so if you think you will rip you audio cd’s faster you’d better not even bother. but you can try, cause you will learn a lot on the way.

thanks alot for the info!

the best thing to do is contact ala42 the MediaCodeSpeedEdit Author. He know about firmware editing.