Modifying 111L to read @ 16x

Wondering if it’s possible with a certain program or something? I’ve looked around but there’s nothing on it. With omni patcher, I sped up my Liteon combo drive to read burnt DVDs @ 16x instead of 8x.

I want this only for TRT purposes. The 111L is a fussy drive and if it were to read @ 16x I’m sure burns that aren’t as good would show some problems @ 16x.

If anyone knows how to do it but doesn’t want everyone to use it stuff up their drives - you can PM me privately. As I said, this is for TRT purposes and could be very useful for testing quality of burnt media. I don’t care if I wreck my drive. I can get the 111 and 112 cheap where I live.


use MCSE for the 111L

Hope you haven’t misread my post. I want to increase read speed. It’s already unlocked and ripping @ 12x for burnt media and 16x for pressed media. I want to TRT burnt media @ 16x.

If MCSE can somehow do it, please show me as I can’t find it anywhere :confused:

Error -> Disregard

@ cd pirate,

Would you explain the difference between “Read Speed” and “Ripping Speed”?


It will not work, were discussed many times. :rolleyes:

It’s the same thing. Just different words.

@ chef I know MSCE won’t work… and where was it discussed many times? Of all your 17,000 posts I think only about 3 actually helped anyone.

Then that’s probably not your best area, IMO.

LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

cd-pirate : I’ve also wanted my 111L to read@16X but from what I’ve read it is a hardware matter and can not be modified by any firmware or software. :frowning:

I would disagree on that because the drive is able to read @ 16x on pressed SL discs. In theory it’s absolutely possible for it to read any SL disc @ 16x. Someone just has not made a hack for it yet.

My liteon combo drive reads pressed SL @ 16x but only 8x for burnt media. I used a hack to speed it up to 16x and it worked great. It’s just a matter of someone knowing how to mod FW like that, but I have no clue myself :frowning: