Modify LiteOn 812 to DVD-reader

I know, its sounds crazy, but… I have LiteOn 812, it works good, but I got Pioneer DVR-108 with much better dvd-writing quality. So I think, maybe its possible to modify LiteOn 812 to DVD-reader. The reason I need that is I have lot of PC games backups, and I need to use hide ATIP for playing them, but newest copy-protections bypass this. So, my question - it is possible to modify LiteOn firmware to disable LiteOn ability read ATIP? I understand that if its possible LiteoN becomes kinda of DVD-reader, its OK for me. I’m not a expert like Codeguys, I just thought, read ATIP it is some of MMC command and possible to remove this command from firmware or something like that… Or is there another way to disable ATIP read ability by HARDWARE, not a software, method?

Sorry for my English

It already does read dvds so what are you talking about :confused:

He wants to TURN OFF some of the burner functionality.

A lot of copy protected games won’t play from your burner, because it can read ATIP information.

hehe oh now i c
Is it at all possible to do what he is asking?