Modify burned menu DVD



Hello, maybe this is posted somewhere on the forum but I did not find yet: I need to edit the menu of a compilation that I have burned already on a DVD, only change menu (maybe bigger front, colours, background images, language titles, etc). I want to know what program could help me to do this.



DVD Remake is one tool.


does it edit navigators [cursor]?


[QUOTE=B2Kevin;2079999]does it edit navigators [cursor]?[/QUOTE]

If you mean highlights, than NO. You can disable them, but not modify.
You have to make a new menu in some other DVD authoring software to be able to replace one in existing DVD. If it is a motion menu, than it get little more complicated.
Remake is for replacement only.
You can do lots of other things with this software, like re navigate DVD, remove parts you do not need and so on.