Modified Firmware for DVR-109 to do UMD (PSP DISK!)

I did it, I managed to burn a few UMD disk (Copy of spyderman II) on my DVR-109 and guest what they work, I was suspecting that Pioneer was the OEM for the PSP reader.

Beign at it I also modified the firmware to do lightscribe on DVD (Not availlable yet) but it can do lighscribe CD as well!

Damnn I am goood :bow:

Here’s the link for the modified firmware (Latest 1.40 off-course!)
click on him —> :wink:

I don’t get it (?)… is this a joke?

April 1st

Exactly. Worldwide Fools day.

No, it doesn’t, here the fool’s day is on Dec/28.

Sorry for my lack of international culture :slight_smile:

Whos the April Fool !!!

Hmm maybe you :wink: