Modified dvd menus?

I know that dvd shrink can help you edit what you want on your dvd, but it can’t keep the menu at the same time. Is there something out there that can allow you to keep the menu? It doesn’t matter to me if you can’t take out the option of using certain things you’ve taken out, but that would be a plus. (i.e. even though i’ve take out the theatrical trailors the menu button to watch it is still there)

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

CloneDVD can -

If you’re looking for free tools, you could use titlesetblanker (which will remove whole titlesets, so you have to make sure there’s nothing but your extras in the title set you remove), vobblanker or pgcedit.
I like titlesetblanker best because it’s very easy to use. You need to find out in which titleset or titleset menu the extras reside (I do that by drag/dropping VOB files into PowerDVD), then I blank the appropriate ones in titlesetblanker. Works like a charm. Then I use shrink if the result does not fit.