Modified DivX Player Firmware

H E R E you can find some firmwares modified by me for various DivX Players (MTK chipset).
The main firmwares changes you’ll find on my site are regarding to subtitles quality display and other minor improvements.

I think if you have another sites wich contain modified firmwares you can post here and make this thread sticky.


Not mine included.

But I paid under US$160 plus tax. 2.5-inch 40GB Seagate HDD included.

Great work, Mtz. Congrtaulations!

Wow, nice work! Unfortunately I’m stuck with a Philips 642 which is an ESS chipset I think.

what chipset does JVC use? I have a JVC player that uses DIVX.


You might be able to find that information from this website-

This is the new adress:


this look much better than the old one. Thx.