Modern edition of CRICE?

First off, a quick HI… since I be a newb here, I reckon I’ll let you in that I am a DBA within the record industry, I do a lot of programming and assorted record/music related administration.

Anyway, we used to use a program called Crice to extra ISRC information from audio cd’s, and currently the only programs I can find that produce some matter of ISRC output are EAC (Exact Audio Copy) and diverse plextor related tools.

Currently, one of my programming goals, is either A) to track down a program that VERY SIMPLE creates ascii ISRC output. When I write simple, I’m talking commandline style or something i can call from within a VB proceduree. EAC / plextools etc. won’t do.

Crice used to suffice, but as it wont run under win2K and winXP, I have to find a new way of doing it. The producer of Crice doesn’t exist anymore, so its pretty hard - impossible to be honest - to track down a simple alternative.

Final way out, program something that does the trick myself… (Say bye-bye to 6 months of my life, lol).

Thanks for your help and input,


P.S. Crice doesn’t run in dosBOX or using other DOS emulators… sadly, and is very dependant of an old scsi adapter and a specific toshiba 8x speed cd-drive.