Moderators, Tutorials and Guides writers needed!

If you are into DVD software, we might be looking for you! CD Freaks is currently the main source for CD related software and we’re aiming to be sure that our visitors will also be well informed about DVD related software.

Thanks to Chickenman we can already offer a comprehensive amount of tutorials on video editing software and we would love to see more tutorials, FAQs and guides.

If you are up to it, please post them in our forum, we can close them by request so users can’t add their comments to it, put them in a seperate sub forum and if they’re good enough sticky them.

We’re looking forward to see any input from our users so Club CD Freaks remains the place to find information on CD and DVD related subjects. Afterall we’re here to help eachother!

Located here :bigsmile:

great job FP the dvd shrink tutorials stepped me through every aspect of the program with ease. I would suggest anyone else making a tutorial follow FP’s structure.:wink:

I don’t have anything I’ve written basically because I’m a beginner. But what I have is a revision of a guide by ChickenMan that I don’t see in the guide section. DVD to Divx Simply. Here it is:

Just a little more noob friendly (for noobs such as myself).

You might want to try having a RipIt4me section. This program is really good. If you Private Mail me I can respond to you more directly without offending anyone as to where I have learned what. Not enough knowledge to be a moderator but I have used a lot of ripping programs and haven’t failed yet. I just joined today. I am not a know it all (quite the contrar, actually) but I do like sharing knowledge and will gladly share all I know.

I have made a simple tutorial on how to copy a DVD with three freeware tools. The tutorial is here:

I included screenshots, links to the programs and helpful info.
Hope you like it!:slight_smile:

BTW, could someone please close the thread. Thanks!

I am starting to work on a guide and I have published it in a thread which you can find here.

I actually wrote this up for a few friends but figured I might as well put it out on the tubez too. I didn’t see much for ripping guides on this forum, so I wasn’t really sure where to put it so it might be horribly miscategorized - I’d be most grateful to some mod if s/he moved it to a better place if there is one. Anyways, I want to know what you think of it.