I asked a question.
People responded with several possible reasons
For proof that this machine does infact work, I posted an image of a different program functioning properly.

alan1476 removed the image.
Made some questionable remark(s) in post #11:

“Just because you can’t, does mean others cannot, I can and I have no problems. Just saying you cannot and mentioning another product is not helping anyone. If you have a problem explain it and we will try and help you, but as is, your post is not helping anyone. If you want to post about AnyDVDhd we have an appropriate forum for that. Thankyou. Maybe you need some lessons on how to use the software properly?”

Not very nice.
Not a good example from a site representative.

DVDFab I like!
Getting these kind of responses and actions from the Mod when asking for help is - uncalled for.

Thank you!

EDIT: Man! This site is having serious link issues!
DVDFab forum, DVDFab Decrypter thread.

Hi dadkins

Our moderator staff will only take such an action if they believe that the action they are taking is in the best interest of the forum they moderate.

While this may sometimes seem unfair to an individual. There are proper procedures to complain, if you feel you have been unfairly treated.

In the interest of all members. Complaints of this nature should be conducted by contacting a administrator/senior admin by PM, outlining your complaint.

With this in mind, i will close this thread. If you wish, please continue this by PM to the appropriate person.