Modems & Routers

My Modem (according to Qwest) Is taking a dump. It’s out of warrenty so they want me to buy a new one. Utorrent keeps knocking me off my internet connection so I have to unplug the modem and reset it to get my connection back. After some online searching I discovered I may be overloading my modem. I have had it for a year and it’s only started doing this the last couple of weeks. I called Qwest and they said they think my modem may be giving up the ghost. I want to find something that is p2p/bit torrent friendly. The one I have now is the Actiontec m1000. Should I just go ahead and get theirs or should I buy one from another source? If so what are some good brands and good places to get one? We have a Best Buy, maybe I can find a good one there? I dont know squat about modems and routers…whats the difference bettween the two? I have windows XP, dsl, and Qwest as my ISP. Any help and suggestions would be much apprciated!

I do have a problem with my routers as well… i hope to see more people keep in touch in this thread as i will post my problem soon.

Anyone knows how to configure 2 routers plunged in with an Ethernet connection.

The routers are working fine when i plug in the Ethernet connection but the problem is i cannot set a password for accessing the wireless network for the second router.

first router is speed touch

second router is d-link 655

Z41dQ8, you should start a new thread next time, since your post has nothing to do with the thread starters post.

Try connecting you second router directly to your PC (with a network cable) temporarily and access it through its web access.