my laptop is wireless when i first bought it 12 months ago i waswith virgin. i was told by currys i needed a modem as well as therouter supplied by by virgin.i am nowwith sky andi have a new router do i still need the modem?i pay 6.99 a month for this and dont understand this.also since i changed to sky 6 weeks ago i cannot connect to facebook.can anyone help me?

Hi and welcome to the forum )

A modem/router is needed to connect Internet, because it is actually the modem that is connected to the net. The wireless in your computer is to connect the computer with the modem.

If you don’t have anymore the router, then you need to buy one :slight_smile:

Most service providers mix up the terms modem and router.
Most devices can do both, route and modem.

You will always need modem functionality, because it transforms the dsl or line signal to tcp (those nice lan connections) and back. You can test if this works if you can ping the usual website of your provider.

Routers are needed to “route” the network traffic to the correct destination. (I.E. From wireless to physical network). These functionalities are usually built in the modem.

In most cases traffic comes from dsl, goes to hardwired and gets routed to wireless… then all back again.

For more information contact your internet service provider.