Modem router suggestions from UK people (to buy in brick and mortar shop) DESPERATE!

Router dead, on little USB one that ISP gave me.

Need new DSL modm router that has wired and wireless capability and compatble with Nintendo wif, and cheap - I just ha to pay to have car and and washing machine fixed. Ideally someting that I can pick up in a supermaket or Woolworths or similar in the UK as opposed to waitng for it though the post.

Even suggestions of places to look?


Routers in Woolowrths?! :eek:

Don’t know if you have a Staples anywhere near you? They do some good ones - Netgear, Linksys etc.

PCWorld… (yes, they are never the ones I choose but they have them on the shelf and are usually cheaper than your local PC shop).

They do 2 versions. One has an ADSL router, this contains an ADSL modem and is plugged into your phone line. The other is for connecting to a cable modem.

The ADSL routers are usually marked with ADSL / ADSL2+

Reccomend DLink, Linksys or NetGear.

Thanks, but no Staples or PC World. :frowning:

Netgear WGB111BDL at Argos. Any good?

Grab a plain solid modem for now like Linksys AM200 (should do fine) from or such and get a WRT54GL later on. You can otherwise most likely expect the same issues you have experienced earlier with new hardware (modem and router combined). Bob is very pleased with his flashed WRT54GL as far as I know =)
WGB111BDL is just a rather poor router with an USB-stick, no modem.
Asus WL-500g Premium is really nice although a bit pricier (around 58£) but its well worth the money.
Make sure that you get one that’s [B]not[/B] marked V2 (unmarked = V1 which is better).

Oh pants, I forgot to even look for the fact that the outer didn’t have a modem!:doh::clap: Thanks for pointing that out.

Well, I need the modem urgently (main wired PC but miles away from plug socket, using USB modem on computer that is plugged into TV downstairs - bloody nightmare to use) - my router aspect can wait, however I would like to get a combined station if possible.

Going out first thing tomorrow so need an idea by then. I can always travel to the nearest PC World which is some12 miles away but their selection online doesn’t look too good for cheap modem routers.

UPDATE: Netgear DGB111GUK from PC World in the next town over for £50 (discounted from £70) with USB adaptor. Any good?

Your description doesnt make any sense, ADSL modems arent connected to TVs in any way. Oh well, buy a combined if you think its the best way just dont expect too much out of it since you get what you pay for. As long as you have a plain modem you have at least one PC online and a solid setup since the modem doesnt handle anything regarding routing, QoS etc. Later on you can get an N-router instead or whatever you want…

Sorry, to elaborate:

I have a PC connected to the TV downstairs. Resolution is awful but the spare little USB modem is the only one that’ll go in because the phone socket is next to the PC & TV.

I bought that Netgear one. Comes with a wireless USB dongle which I can get some cash back on. All very smooth, ports opened for uTorrent, wireless set up and future proof with its ADSL2+ technology.