Modem problems

ive tried every linux there is under the sun except mandrake but im getting it .demolinux was the only one that worked with my modem is 56k pci voice fax modem what is the equal in linux?im trying lycoris right now but modem doesnt respond?please help?:confused:

Am I right that youyr modem is a Winmodem?

Winmodems aren’t made to be used in Linux and there are very few good working drivers available. It is however possible, for some modems, to be used within Linux.

If you can provide me more info about your modem, I could look up if it can be used with common Linux distributions. Also give me your email adress, so I can send you a Winmodem Linux driver pack I’ve got here.

thx ive pmed my email address to you:bigsmile: