Modem for XP 64

I have been through 3 modems from Wal-Mart and Sams so far with no luck. Anyone have a modem they can suggest for a XP 64 system and will Vista 64 fix this?

Broadband modem? I wouldn’t think it would matter.

if a dialup [56k] modem, than get one of those by intel, has a dsp on-board [its not a win-modem]. and since youre using xp-64, go to intels website
and using the modems model number checkout that intel indeed have a x86-64 driver for vista/xp before buying the modem, this way you only pay if
the modem already has the drivers youre looking for.

Dial up 56K PCI.

I used to have a lot of problems with internal modems back in the day of those stupid idiotic WinModems when Windows 95 was out because I always had dual boot systems with Win 95 on one partition and NT 4 on another.

Since then I made the switch to external modems connected to COM2, IRQ3 and haven’t had any problems. I’ve known a lot of people that have had issues with internal modems and my advice is always the same - ditch it and get an external modem. I [I]like[/I] 3COM but I’m sure most of them will work fine.

Isn’t there a forum for these kinds of questions that would be better suited than the bargain basement?

sure, but I am looking for buying advice and you just gave it. Thanks man! I was thinking in that direction but the reviews at Newegg were spotty on external modems. The last Modem at Walmart was a USR and locked up my box during boot. Very strange for a modem to do that in a PCI slot. Might be a defective unit.

Point taken.

It could be defective or it could be trying to use some resources that don’t like being shared. Chances are it’s a driver issue though. Thing is XP should have plenty of built-in drivers to support most USR modems.

I’ll bet dollars for doughnuts that an external one will solve your problems as there is no resource sharing and there is no “plug and pray vs. hard set” crap to deal with. Of course, this is if the drivers are properly loaded. Just make sure you have the proper COM port enabled in your BIOS - COM2, IRQ3 or COM1, IRQ4. Either one will work.

You can get USRs very cheap (both Sportster style and Courier) on eBay. I also have a pile of both if you can’t find anything elsewhere.