Modem dilemma


Never had a problem with this modem I installed last year until now. The way I’m plugged in is first of all I have Dial-Up. I have one line from the back of the computer to the phone wall plug, and the other to my phone…

I was online earlier in the day and logged off and only listened to music on the computer. Later on in the day when I tried to log back on,it told me I could not find a connection/modem. I went to control panel > Phone and Modem, and it stated the device was working. I picked up the phone and there was no dial tone. I unplugged the two telephone line from the computer and plugged them back in…still did not work.

I tried this phone in two other rooms and it worked just fine. The cords are good too.

I uninstalled the modem form the ADD/Remove hardware, then I shut down the computer, pulled the power cord,pulled the Modem PCI out, and plugged it back in, installed the software from the disc. It worked.

Hmmmmm…It seems every time I restart the computer, I then get a dial tone and it works. But if I’m idle listening to music and want to get online, there is no dial tone.

What could this be? Do Modems seem to crash like everything else? Thank you.

Well we do need a little more info as to what kinda modem you have and its firmware? Well if you don’t get a dial tone you might want to contact the phone company. No dial tone means a dead line on their side or someone cut your phone line digging and didn’t call in the broken line. But I would suggest a dead dial tone you reach the phone company and ask them what happened. Also make sure your subscribtion is up to date and no balances on your account.

Don’t think it’s the phone company, account is up to date and the other phones work in the house. It’s just phone hooked upthe puter woks most of the time but sometimes it doesn’t.
The Modem software is “Agere Soft Modem” and came with a Faxing program. I will post when I get back home and get more info.
I do know that maybe this software is not suported with WinXP which at the time I bought this, it was for Win98. It seemed to be working fine for sending faxes,but since I installed WinXP I can not find a CaptureFax driver which is needed to receive faxes.
But the main issue is the phone line intermittingly wanted to work sometimes and sometimes not. Thanks!


is there some friend who has an external modem you could try? I personally don’t trust PCI modems, so I had a classic modem for the serial port - this will give least issues with any drivers.
You should get an external modem for very cheap on ebay since many people don’t need them any more after having switched to broadband connections.

Concerning Fax software, there is a built-in fax solution with XP:
so you can get rid of your old one.


This Modem - Agere Systems PCI Soft Modem File V. 1.61.

When I first reboot the computer,it has no problem connecting to the Internet. I get a dial tone. But after awhile online,it just disconnects,then I lose my Connection,and then the phone in the kitchen does not work, (dead) unless I unplug the phone line from the wall jack where the computer is plugged in at,then the Kitchen phone works.

I then restart the computer and it is fine again for a while, then the same thing happens all over again. very strange.

Thank you.


That’s why I suggested an external modem since these are real hardware. Internal “soft modems” have to rely on drivers, which might crash - as you experienced.


Most modems are software based, even external ones except serial (COM) ones…

Have you tried to go to manufacture site to see what else they could tell you about your modem? And does your xp recongize the correct card as the right modem and also does your modem when you bought have its own cd for its drivers? But I would try to go to the company site and see if they don’t have a most recent driver for it to run on xp.