Model Question

Hey there,

being new to the lite-on scene…What model do I have, and is there a modified firmware for it??

Model LH-16W1P364C

I have no idea what that is in terms of what I’m reading here on the forums.


hi [B]transdogmifier[/B],
you can find more info about your Lite-On LH-16W1P here

hope that [B]C0deKing[/B] won’t read that :wink: here it is LiteOn 16A7S, [B]16W1P[/B], 16/18/20A1P/H/S FastBurn & Enhanced OverSpeed Firmware NEW

hey, I’m a NEC person, trying out a Lite-On Drive

I’m a nooooooob when it comes to these drives…

If he wants to remonstrate my noobishness, I suppose I can handle it;)

hi, I didn’t want to say something like that, by the way I’m a newbie too :slight_smile: I want to mention that a little reasearch would take you to the target, as the thread given above is up to date :iagree: also you have a drive with a lot of potential :wink:

I have the same dilema. I’m not quite sure that the driver in the link of one of the replies you got works well now days. When I installed my DVD Burner LH-16W1P364C, the driver appears dated in 2001 by microsoft. I’m having some little issues, I’m wondering the driver is quite old.

Did you find the right driver?