Model number question

can someone please confirm for me that this LiteOn SHM-165P6S-02C is the newest available liteon dvd burner.


Yes, it is one of the recently relesasd “6 series” of drives, which include the non-LightScribe 160P6S and 165P6S , the second of which has DVD-RAM capability; and the 160H6S and 165H6S which are both LightScribe enabled but only the latter has DVD-ROM read/write.

I have a Sony rebadge of the 165P6S and can confirm that it is a good drive. Acceptable quality writes to a wide variety of media. I do however still favour my BenQ, but this may change with the advancements being made with the latest test firmwares… :iagree:

I think you mean DVD-RAM read/write! :wink:

Whoops! Yep I did mean DVD-RAM read/write!

Being drunk in charge of a keyboard should be a criminal offence :bigsmile: