Model no. confusion

Hi Guys,

I bought a GSA-4160B drive and found that it didn’t support bitsetting so I returned it. Now I read teh review on the GSA-5160B which is supposed to be the same drive and suddenly this one supports it? How is LG working?

GSA-4160B = GSA-5160D without external case.

You should have no reason to buy a 4160 today. If you want bitsetting in a LG drive
the 4163 is what you should have ordered. If you cannot get the 4163 and want the
bitsetting feature, then do not buy LG.

As for why the 5160 support bitsetting mentioned in the review, I am as clueless as
you are. Specially rigged batches of 4160 with external case? I don’t know this one.

yes I assume that but how can it not support bitsetting when it’s internal and does support when it’s external? Crazy