Model #5115 - recordings keep freezing / jumping ahead during playback

Hi, I own a model #5115ghc, and I am trying to record onto dvd from my satelite dvr memory, and am not having very good luck. The dvd’s I produce (and playing on another dvd player) are “freezing” and jumping ahead, skipping and generally NOT an acceptable product. I have tryed different blanks, dvd+r, dvd-r, I have installed new firmware from Lite-on site. Anybody have any suggestions , help? :confused:

First off call liteon and ask for there firmware upgrade disk to be sent to you.
The firmware may vary for your machine. Then if it does work after upgrading return it for service. liteon machines are not known to work straight out of the box. However after playing around with various units for over a 3 years I’ve got a nice picture now on mine.

Thank you Hexmechanic, I have used a newer firmware, which seems better, but still NOT perfect…I am still working on this product, my next step will be to CALL Lite-on. ( I am really excited to be using this product when and IF it works right!!) :smiley: