"Mode Sense Error" with Smart-Burn Speed Utility

I’m getting a dialog box displaying “Mode Sense Error” when I launch the Smart-Burn Speed Utility for Lite-On 40X (SBMC40).

On clicking ok it continues to the normal dialog and identifies the drive (a 40125S) and media ok.

Nero cdrwin etc all are ok - Nero identifies the media with no errors. Burns reads etc are all fine.

Hardware software config - Abit KG7, AMD1400, XP pro, WD800JB as master on primary, 40125S as master on secondary. My old scsi burner was replaced by the 40125S recently (is the “Mode Sense Error” as scsi sort of error ??)

Any thoughts on why I’m getting the “Mode Sense Error” and how to get rid of it would be greatly appreciated ?


A flash of inspiration came over me :slight_smile:

It turns out that the Smart-Burn Speed Utility doesn’t like Nero’s ImageDrive.

I removed ImageDrive and no error dialog.