Modding SOHW-1213s

I am reading your forum for some time now and I find it very useful.You guys are a great.
I have a question!
Can Lite On Sohw-1213s be modded to NEC or Pioneer,and if it can to which model?

sorry, LOL, no, liteons can’t be modded to other manufacturers drives, as they are not rebadged ones. you can turn your liteon 1213s to a 1653s. just flash your drive with THIS firmware.

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If you decide to crossflash your drive, I think you would be wise to use the 1633S firmware BS0K. You can get a “cf” version of this, from my site as well (follow the link in my signature). The CS02 firmware for the 1653S is not mature and also strategy switching is not possible with OmniPatcher yet. :wink:

Other than a few oddities, it seems from the experiences here, that the 1633S firmware is not just a FASTER tweak, but a BETTER one.

Have Liteon abandoned the 1213S - last firmware was TS0D? - Given that is seems to share chipset and mechanicals with the 1633S - it would be reasonable to expect to see 16x and DL disabled firmware from the same line, as 1213S firmware.

I couldn’t care less about getting 16x or DL out of it - 16x is more than my current system can bear, and DL media is more than I care to spend on a single media.

We have reason to suspect that the 1633S and 1213S are not entirely identical in hardware. They are similar enough to allow an exchange of firmware, but there are rumors that the 1633S contains newer revisions of hardware. I don’t know for certain.

Very interesting comment. I have a 1213@1633, and have been fairly well pleased with it. Good reader, good Kprobe drive, and writes RICOHJPNR01 very well. Terrible writing on -R media, and not very good with cheap +R media (OptoDiscOR4 and OptoDiscOR8). I have been following these forums fairly closely, and I have not seen any significant differences in performance reported between the 1213@1633 drives versus true 1633 drives. Have you seen any significant differences in performance or ?