Modding firmware for Pioneer 216D

Hi all

I’m trying to flash the firmware of my new Pioneer 216D SATA drive. I’m kinda new to it and was wondering if I did it correctly, all though it seems pretty foolproof. Here’s what I did:

  • Downloaded MSCE
  • Loaded the Latest firmware from Pioneer (S0815001.109) into the program
  • Checked the boxes at the bottom to increase read speed and remove region locking
  • Saved the new firmware file with the same filename as the original file
  • Attempted to flash the drive in the usual way (with the exe file included with Pioneer’s firmware)
  • Got this error message:

Is there something I’m doing wrong? Is there any way around this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You also need to patch the firmware flasher (the R216D.EXE file) in MCSE to allow “same to same” flashing.

Awesome! Thanks for the info.

Does the RCP1 patch remove region locking? As in could I play DVDs from USA and UK etc.

[quote=oli_ramsay;2205661]Does the RCP1 patch remove region locking?[/QUOTE] Yes.

As in could I play DVDs from USA and UK etc.
You also need some way of dealing with region locking in your playback software once region lock has been removed from the drive.

for some reason the latest MSCE is not loading the latest 1.09 firmware for pioneer 216d. What gives?

the firmware I have is the .exe kind. Is there a .bin version out there or it doesn’t matter?

@ swifty7,

The Official Pioneer “.EXE” Firmware file is a compressed archival file which needs to be ‘unpacked’. Use WinRar to unpack the Official Pioneer “EXE” Firmware file which will reveal two files – the firmware file and the flasher. Use Media Code Speed Edit to patch the firmware file with the “Read Speed/RPC1/Enable Bitsetting” patches and the flasher with the “Allow Same to Same Flashing” patch.


thank you sir!!! it worked!!!

sorry to sound like a noob, but I haven’t been in the burning scene for a long…long time and I’m a bit rusty. Now that I have a patched firmware using MCSE, which program do I use to flash my Pioneer dvr-216d burner?


Like bjkg mentioned the flasher should have been unpacked along with the firmware. Just open up MCSE again and load the flasher instead of the firmware. On the bottom right hand side it should have the “Allow Same To Same Flasing” option available. Click it and save. You can rename the patched flasher to it’s original name, but you’d have to move it to a seperate folder. Up to you really. Click on the patched flasher and follow the steps. Make sure not to have any discs in the tray while you do this. I’m a bit of a noobie myself so hopefully I explained it well enough:rolleyes:.

thanks DM85, it worked like a charm