Modded XBOX drives are banned from XBOX Live

I just posted the article Modded XBOX drives are banned from XBOX Live.

information is a little bit off topic but for sure of interest for those of you
who are registered to XBOX live and own a modded XBOX.
Belvedere reported yesterday in our…

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What is of interest here is what and how MS scans to get their info. One would have thought once the warranty run out the size of the HDD would not be their concern… :X

there’s always way to get out of it…

Not to mention if people have a modded xbox, live is a huge incentive to pay for original games. You can’t play backups on Live, so why would they want to suspend people, and give them a reason not to buy their stuff?

i guess its simplely because illegal

Its all bullshit of MS people bought there games to play over Xboxlive where you have to pay for your acount. So this is so childish of MS with ooh you have a modded Xbox thanx for your money on the game and XBL account now fuck off!!! I am of opinion that i paid for my Xbox so i can modificate it with what ever i want to, Not every body who got banned have a chipped Xbox, Also people with a replaced dvddrive got banned more of this you can read on XboxScene
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And I guess MS is of the opinion that they should protect their Live network. The fact that modded XBoxes have no checks on what kind of software runs, means that cheats or viruses could occur.

If they wouldn’t have had nazi protection on the system you could have made backups without a mod chip, and really wouldn’t need a mod chip and you would no longer have to worry about “untrusted hardware”. oooh there’s that word again “trust”. anyway if they really wanted to make money they’d give the system away for free, allow for friends to copy games and give them to each other and charge them the service fee every month. Hard for sony to compete with what would at first glance appear to be a free game system. But anyone with a brain can tell Microsoft cares nothing about competing. They’re a freaking monopoly. Oh now it all makes sense doesn’t it?
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This is really quite disappointing. I have a launch Xbox with the terrible Thompson drive. I was wanting to upgrade to a faster DVD drive to speed the loading of my games and avoid the “disk defective” error message that I often get, but now it looks like I’m stuck with the inferior Thompson drive…

Most of the reports say a new DVD drive is fine, its replacing the hard drives that have caused problems.

the option is stay away from ms greedy :slight_smile: