Modded 3540 vs. Just bitsetting & Riplock FW

Apart from the speedups are there any major differences in the write strats? For instance if I wrote a CMC MAG E01 on Liggy’s 1.01e @ 8x and wrote the same media on Dee’s W5 @ 8x would there be any difference? Same question for any other media ID.

Regarding CMC MAG E01, no these wont burn the same with stock and modified strategies.
Wherever possible the 4X - 8X strategies are kept as stock strategies and a couple of high speed strategies are then used to achieve the speedup.

This is not always possible, as in the case of E01. Where a stock strategy can’t be used (no room in the firmware) then a well tested generic strategy group will be used for the slower parts of the burn. Sometimes this will improve the burn quality at the media’s rated speed, sometimes it can have the opposite effect.

I always put in a lot of effort to try and ensure the disc can be burned well at it’s rated speed.

Hmm. I did a test burn with W4 on an E01 and got a good result at 12x. But burning an actual disc in Nero using W5 it’s not so hot. Have you changed anything with E01’s since W4?