Modchips to be banned in Australia

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To follow up on the recent post about Sony cracking down on Piracy in Australia, Modchips and other devices will also soon be banned…

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they getting crazy`er by the day its more a panic reaction.

what they wanned to do check every mail package going in austrealia???

if people wanned a mod they gonna get it for sure

they will have to make mod chips useful in other ways as well

Could make a multi-purpose MOD-chip in a 40pin package.
psx,ps1,ps2,dvd,saturn,DC and of course the mobile-fone function! :slight_smile:

use some of the pins to select the mode needed!

In my opinion, Sony only wants to have lower revenues in Australia by selling less ps2 consoles.

don’t worry we are very resourceful down under

When will sony learn!

I’m just wondering if the production of MOD-Chips is illegal. I can’t imagine it is…

I think that the mod chip is fixing the bad coding in the PS chip. I’m sure that the mod chips can be used for other things. Someone just needs to prove it and take it to cort.

Sorry to talk politics here, but as an Aussie, Fuck John Howard & has rip-off of the US Digital Millennium act.

This is bullshit. Mod Chips can be used to play backup copies of games people have the orignals for, which is completely legal. Aren’t we going to be allowed to backup games any more?

What about all that 4000 PS2 n IRAQ. I wonder if sony allows the modchip to be used in them consoles. Since they are not goona be used for any gaming puposes I wonder what Sony policy would be in Nuclear War Head Control System in IRAQ. I am sure Saddam would be interested to find out !!!