Modchip wont work

i put the internal modchip in the ps2 and the back ups wont boot i tried all boot methods i was able to play ps1 backups but not ps2 any help trouble shooting this thanks :confused:

To play backup PS2 discs, it requires special timing and a certain method.

Yeah, PS1 you just stick in and it will run.

For PS2 discs, you need to load from GameShark/ActionReplay disc. Then you have about 4 seconds to press the eject button and put in your copy PS2 disc. Then you need to press “Play without cheat codes”

Hope this helps!

I don’t understand why some of these booting guides on the net use such bizarre timings and/or tricks for the neo modchip. I’m using a neo2.2 in a PAL machine, and the method is very simple.

I always have my PS2 on ‘standby’ (no using the on/off switch at the back), just powering down by holding the reset button for a few seconds.

First of all, just turn on the machine by pushing eject. Insert the AR2/GS2 in the open drive and then push reset. You need this reset as the modchip isn’t always activated at boot-up.

When you see the loading screen for the AR/GS, you can put your backup PS2 game in the machine and then go through the usual motions of start game/without codes etc. You can open the drive even when it says ‘Loading code list’ as it is merely reading the codes from the AR/GS memory card. I’ve never had a 4-second window for inserting discs (sometimes I’ve left the machine at the ‘push X to start game’ screen for half an hour, having forgotten to push the button while doing other things). This applies to all my CDR titles, even the EA ones.

When you have finished your game, you can just push eject (while the game is still on if you like), put in the AR/GS disc and push reset - then continue from the second step to load your chosen game.

However, this is just my experience - I’m new to all this PS2 modchip stuff, and if anyone can explain these things better than me then please do so. The only thing I’m concerned about is future AAA original titles detecting the modchip and failing to work - I definitely want to buy MGS2 when it comes out over here, but I hear rumours that it is going to be like the later FF games on the PSX. My theory is that if the chip isn’t activated on first boot, then the games shouldn’t realise it is there… Any opinions? The latest OPS"M coverdiscs are said not to work on chipped machines, but they appear to work perfectly on mine.

I hope this info is of some use to people that may be struggling with booting discs via seemingly pointless guides :smiley: