Mod: Please read re: enclosures

If this has already been suggested, or is in the works, I apologize for being redundant.

I’ve been wading thru the “Big enclosures” thread, and it holds a tremendous amount of info–last I checked, it was up to 22 pages. One of the posts suggested creating a list of enclosures, and saying which drives people has already gotten them to work with. I’m sure a lot of this info is in that thread, but finding it is difficult.

So here’s my suggestion: Make a Sticky that has only info on what drives work w/which enclosures. No questions or comments allowed, just people posting their tested experiences.

So that we can take into account things like different motherboards, etc., maybe the list could have a format something like this (this is just a made-up example:

Enclosure: Plumax 525C2
Tested Drive/FW: NEC 3520AW fw:3.04
Other tested drives, if any: BenQ 1620
Enclosure int. interface (IDE or SATA): IDE
Enclosure ext. interface (USB2, Firewire, or combo): Combo
Interface used for test (USB2, Firewire, or both): Firewire
OS: Win XP w/SP2
Mobo: Intel 925
Onboard USB2: Yes
Onboard Firewire: Yes
Max write speed reached: 12X

This is just off the top of my head. Scans could also accompany each post. But I think if we limit it to just the straight data, it will be easier for people to find and make a buying decision. If people want to comment on a particular post, they can start a separate thread, or add to the big thread, and maybe have a reference link back to the particular test they are commenting on.

Anyway, my $.02. What do you think? (And credit to the person who originally had this idea.)